Local Ambassadors


"Joshua is a 22-year-old living in the Tampa Bay area with cystic fibrosis. He is attending St Petersburg College. The medicines created with research dollars from the foundation have changed his life.  He volunteers at most of the events in the Tampa area. The picture was taken when he went sky diving."


"RIVER KAEHI LECHUGA has been battling CF since her was born. He was diagnosed at 3 months old after countless hospitalizations for pneumonia. Six doctors MIS-diagnosed River. Finally, an amazing doctor came into our little Army hospital at Fort Bliss, Texas and asked..."may I LICK your son?" And after all that we had been thru I gladly handed River over and said SURE!!! The doc then did River's first sweat chloride test and it came back with a 98% so he repeated the test 2 more times with thoses results being 99% and 100%. RIVER HAD CYSTIC FIBROSIS...with not only the lung side of this life-long, life-threatening disease, he also had the pancreas side as well. I was scared to death but was somewhat relieved to know that the docs had finally found what was going on with my little prince. So after 13 years, tons of hospitalizations, millions of dollars in medicines, drugs and therapy equipment River is doing FANTABULOUS. He still does daily treatments and will forever have to be on meds and be monitored, but he does not allow any of that to stop him. He is taller than everyone in the family a 5'10'' and weights 145lbs. The doctors swore to me he would never grouw and that he would never be over 50 lbs...well LOOK AT HIM NOW!! He is a thriving 7th grader at the top of his class, has been on the principles list every year and is reading at a 10th grade level, an active memeber of the JR. HONORS SOCIETY at his school and plays Varsity Basketball, plays the Saxophone and is the leader in the school Drum line. River has had a few set backs, but prayers every year are to be... HOSPITAL STAY FREE!! The sky's the limit for this little fighter....so please become a part of his furutre and DONATE NOW!!!"

About Our Walk

For more than 30 years, Great Strides – the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s largest national fundraising event – has supported the Foundation’s mission to cure cystic fibrosis and raise awareness for this rare, genetic, life-shortening disease that makes it difficult to breathe and shortens lives.

Great Strides provides a fantastic opportunity for family, friends, students, and colleagues to come together and make a difference in the lives of people with CF. The event harnesses the power of people with a shared vision and encourages collaboration, team building, and leadership, as we collectively take steps to find a cure

Registration is free, but walkers are encouraged to raise funds. Your support will help accelerate innovative research and drug development, as well as advance care and advocacy. Nearly every CF drug was made possible by the Foundation and because of funds raised from Great Strides, people with CF are living longer, healthier lives and pursuing their dreams.

We are working every day to build on this incredible momentum, and we won’t stop until there is a cure for all people living with CF.

Sign up to walk in Great Strides today and join us as we take steps towards a cure.

The time is now. Together, we can cross the finish line.


CFF is going cashless! If making a donation the day of the walk we encourage you to bring your checkbooks or credit cards and avoid cash.