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  • Holding his nebulizer and doing his Vest

Tobin is now three years old! How time is flying. Each year that we re-register for the walk, we are amazed at how much has happened since the previous year.

Tobin is a fun-loving, silly, and energetic boy who makes us belly laugh every day. He loves his sister, Transformers, Star Wars, ice cream and being outdoors.

We have worked with him this year to help him continue to take ownership of his health. He can buckle himself into his Vest for therapy, break open his enzymes, and has started swallowing his enzymes with water. He has his days, but overall, he continues to take his therapies in stride.

He currently takes a combination of seven medications/vitamins per day and he continues to respond well to all of his therapies. His growth and weight gain this year have continued to improve. In April at his quarterly CF Clinic checkup, Tobin reached his target BMI for the first time EVER! We have been working steadily since birth to get his BMI at 50% or above and we're so excited about his progress!

This past year, Tobin also started going to school. We were all a bit unsure about how exposure to a larger group of kids would affect his health, but the transition has gone beautifully and he has managed to stay healthy despite a few colds here and there.

We want to take a moment to thank all of the grandparents and teachers who help to keep Tobin on track: Grandma and Grampy, Pops and Mimi and Mor Mor and Grandpa Wayne, Ms. Helen and Ms. Teresa. Your support means the world to us and we are so grateful for our amazing support system.


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