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Grayton's Guardians
Grayton's Guardians

Our great friends JB and Melissa Pinkston were blessed with a baby boy, Grayton, 17 months ago. Grayton was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, and since then, JB and Melissa have dedicated their lives to raising awareness of CF and helping to find a cure, so their little boy can have many more healthy days! Their family and friends from all over the country have come to together to form Grayton’s Guardians and have since raised over $50,000 to help cure CF. We are really excited to be organizing the First Coast Grayton's Guardian's team and to do our part to help continue the search for a cure! We hope you'll join us by coming out and walking on May 6, becoming a virtual walker, and/ or making a donation.

A message from Grayton's Mom and Dad:

Grayton's daily regimen involves taking pills (540 pills a month) before each meal in order to give his body the ability to absorb the fat and nutrients from food. Putting on weight is a constant challenge for those living with cystic fibrosis, especially for G as his pancreas has no functionality. Twice everyday he does his breathing treatment and an airway clearance treatment called CPT (Chest PhysioTherapy). He wears a vest that's connected to a machine that will shake him to help move the mucous in him lungs. He spends 30 minutes twice a day strapped to this machine (28 hours per month). As you can imagine, its a challenge to keep a 17 month old entertained and constrained during this time. His favorite vest time activities include stacking shapes/blocks and reading a book about trucks. Dump trucks and tractors are his favorite! Dada is also trying to get him to play a harmonica to help with lung capacity. I secretly think, he just wants Grayton to jam with him while he plays the guitar. He also take an acid blocker 2X's a day and liquid multivitamin are also necessary to his daily routine and weight management.

There has been so much development in the last few years and we want to continue that momentum by adding tomorrows to all of those living with CF. The real progress has been made in the search for a cure, but the lives of people with CF are still cut far too short. There still is no cure for this devastating disease. By walking today, we are helping add tomorrows to the lives of people living with cystic fibrosis. Will you join us? Support us by making a donation to our Great Strides fundraising campaign today!

Great Strides is a fun, family-friendly event that raises awareness and support for people with CF and their families.

Please support Grayton's Guardians!

Ways you can help:

Walk with us: Click on the 'Join our team' button and select 'walker'. From there you can make a donation and/or start your fundraising. The walk is free so joining our team does not require a donation or fundraising, however, both are encouraged! The more resources we have for research the better! This event is child friendly and our daughter will be attending

Donate: Select a team member from the list and donate. All donations are tax deductible. Elle told me she really wants to win.

Help us fund-raise: This one is super easy. Click on the 'Join my Team' button and select virtual walker. Once you register you will then be given a link that you can share with friends, family via email or social media. This one takes almost no time and its a great way to show your support. It may seem like a small gesture, however it really means a lot for the families managing this terrible disease.

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