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My Great Strides Story

  • Cole celebrating his 4th Birthday!
  • I want to be a fireman when I grow up!

Cystic Fibrosis will not beat us… Every night when we are putting Cole to bed, we prepare his medications and overnight tube feed. Cole is now getting to the age where he is beginning to ask questions, it always starts with “Why” he gets medicine and milk through his belly aka “his button”. We have not ventured into the subject of Cystic Fibrosis and how it will affect his life. It will be with him through school, sports, social events, relationships, marriage, family choices, careers and adventures. Coles’ first thought will always have to be… “How can I accomplish this AND maintain a healthy lifestyle”? For right now we, his parents, will bear that burden for him until he is ready to take it on for himself.

Hope – a desire accompanied by expectation or belief in fulfillment
Hope is what keeps us going – every day. Hope that there will be new drugs that will help Cole live a “normal” life free of pain, suffering and endless treatments. Hope that he will get to enjoy school, sports, travel, relationships and a career without planning out his daily medication and treatment schedules. Hope that we will find a cure.
For all those who have, will and continue to support Cole – Thank you.
You have walked…
You have purchased t-shirts…
You have wined and dined…
You have generously donated…
You have given us hope.

Thank you for supporting our son, our warrior… our fighter.


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