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The weather in Texas is hot and the humidity level seems to always go up the warmer it is, but it will not stop me from riding once again for Alli's Angels - our cycle team that rides in support of Allison Villalobos, my daughter, who battles Cystic Fibrosis every single day.  This year, our team has grown with several new team members and hope to be able to exceed our team financial goals by the date of the ride, which is on September 7th this year.

I always like to provide you a quick update on Allison, so briefly, she is very happily married with a wonderful husband that understands her challenges and a stepson that keeps her smiling.  Unfortunately, in the midst of all this happiness, she continues to struggle maintaining her lung functions.  She seems to bounce up pretty well with antibiotics, but very quickly drops as soon as she stops them.  Her doctors have been testing her for other maladies, and have found that this girl is allergic to every tree and grass under the sun!  Which does not help her in Texas, or any part of the country for that matter.  She has been undergoing an agressive allergy shots regiment to see if that helps her.  It is too early to tell, but we are hopeful that this will give her some relief to her crazy lung function/capacity swings.  She has her up days, and her down days....but I bet anyone that has talked to her lately, you'd think she is always on her "up days".  What an incredible amount of strength, mentally and physically.....I'm so proud of her!

The CF Foundation and the supporting pharmaceutical organizations focused on CF have incredible momentum on their research efforts.  New medicines are now being tested and the older ones are being updated for better results.  Allison needs your financial support so that they can get all these medical advances to her and to every child and adult fighting this disease.  We need your help, so please....every little bit counts.  Don't be shy about how much you can help us with.  Just click on my link and donate.


Every penny you can donate is tax deductible and remember that many companies offer "company matching funds" for every dollar you donate, so double your donation by submitting the paperwork for the company match!


Please support me, support Allison....and every CF "fighter"out there!  Help me reach my fundraising goal!


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