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Welcome to GOT O2?! (aka Jan's Page)

I invite you to join me and thousands of others in finding a cure to Cystic Fibrosis. Over the years this disease has had many changes, most of them for the better. Unfortunately what has not changed are the people young and old alike passing away from complications of this disease.

I challenge you and others to help me, help the CF community and help the future of CF as a whole. I am here today as a role model and success story of what life can when great research and new medications combine.

I am an active 48 year young working professional trying to raise awareness and money to help find that cure. I need your help. I need your friends help, I need your family, I need your company's help.

I have had my share of roller coaster rides, highs, lows and everyting in between. I am here today because quiting is not an option. I find peace is being active, working towards a goal and striving to do more tomorrow than I did today.

I decided to ride in the CF Cycle event to prove that I can go farther than I have in the past and raise money to fight this disease. I ride for my eldest brother Jeff who passed away at 9 months of age on November 25th, 1958. I ride for my parents that have passed away because they taught me independence. They taught me to be strong. They taught me to never give up and always keep moving forward. They taught me to volunteer and to help others. They taught me to be free and selfless.

So now I am asking for your help. Please help me and the CF foundation raise the much needed funding to find those miracle drugs to cure this disease. We are so very close but we are not there yet. Your donation is tax deductible and will go toward this fight, my fight, our fight.

Peace, love and belly rubs!



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