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Welcome to Tobin's Two-Wheelers, the mechanized division of Tobin's 200.

Organized by the Woods family, this is the 4th year we've assembled a team on behalf of our son, Tobin. Tobin was diagnosed with CF at two weeks old and we've been fighting ever since. Come join the fun and help raise awareness about CF in our community.

Previously on Tobin's Two-Wheelers...

In 2014, Tobin's Two-Wheelers had 6 team members. Two rode the 32 mile route, two rode the 34 mile route (that would be the 32 mile route plus a wrong turn) and two rode a century, heading as far north as SR 40 before heading back to Seminole County. In 2015, we assembed a five man team that rode the 65 mile route.  We weren't first, but we weren't last either.  Last year we did the 32 miles again and had no medical emergencies as a result.  That's a win!

This Year:

In 2017, the ride has moved to our own backyard in delightful DeLand.  We're looking for riders to come out and try either the 28 mile course or, if you are feeling adventurous, the 65 mile course. If the people in the photo on this page can do it, so can you.

Why We Ride:

Tobin has experienced his fair share of CF complications in his short 4 years, including a hospital stay for RSV and pneumonia. Yet we consider ourselves fortunate given the myriad of complications we could be dealing with. Some phenomenal advancements have been made on the pharmaceutical front, including specific treatments for Tobin's version of CF, once he gets a little bit older. The CF Foundation is aggressively researching not just treatments, but cures at the RNA and DNA level for all forms of CF and the monies raised in rides like this go directly to research. We just work diligently every day, with 1 hour of treatment (when healthy), to make sure Tobin's lungs and pancreas are in good shape when a full cure is discovered.

Please consider taking a ride with us or letting your cycling friends know about the ride. It is a great ride with full support and many rest stops along the way. It is an easy way to make a big difference.

Thanks for all that you do for CF
Mike, Missy, Ainsley and Tobin.


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