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Raleigh CF Cycle for Life 2017

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Raised: $3,050.00

Goal: $3,000.00

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Our Cycle for Life Story

The Heartwood Team is cycling for life, cycling to add tomorrows.

At Heartwood Animal Hospital in Youngsville, NC, Dr. Kate Crumley has been moved by the loss of two members of the same family from cystic fibrosis.  Dr. Crumley and Kate Clarkson, whose daughter has CF, are cycling to add tomorrows to the lives of the many people struggling with CF, a progressive disease that, so far, does not have a known cure.  The two Kates are delighted to have Ali Durkee and Pam Schulze return to our team after last year.  Ali is one of the most kind-hearted, generous, and brave people we know.  Ali walks the walk to an extent not often seen, and she has made giving of her time and resources to those in need both a daily habit and a lifetime commitment.  Pam has also demonstrated a dedication to sharing her time, effort, and resources with others and to working to make the world a better place, starting within our own community.

Cystic fibrosis primarily affects the lungs and the pancreas, leaving patients susceptible to repeated life-threatening lung infections, serious nutritional issues, and, ultimately, lives cut short.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has made remarkable strides in research for a cure and for more effective therapies; the Foundation also helps patients pay for their medicines and advocates at the federal and state levels to increase access to care and funding for research.  For more information about what the Foundation has done and is currently working on, please visit www.cff.org.

Please join our team as a rider, fund raiser, and/or donor to add tomorrows for the people living with cystic fibrosis in North Carolina.  (Note:  Last year we were the "Top New Team"--see the photo of our award!!)

 To donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on behalf of our team, select a team member's name from the list below.

Thank you,

Kate Crumley and Kate Clarkson


Team Roster

Heartwood Team Raised
Kate Clarkson $1,175.00
Katherine Crumley $100.00
Alice Durkee $550.00
Mark Schulze $375.00
Pamela Schulze $850.00
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