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Closer To You

This year we walk in memory of Nichole Crystal Davis. Below I have shared Nichole's admission letter for Cazenovia College, from 2004. She attended college for interior design, for as long as was physically possible, until her health required her to withdraw. Nichole had the most infectious smile, the most giving heart, and she was a fearless leader to so many people. Nichole's time on earth ended at the young age of 21, although her spirit still resonates with everyone who knew her. She loved sunflowers, art, singing, and living life to the fullest. She was the best friend anyone could ask for, a true gem in this world. She never gave up, right up to the end, she fought the strongest fight. She waited for a lung transplant for many years until she became too sick to recieve lungs. She had the most incredible care team at Fletcher Allen Hospital and they helped her have the best quality of life possible for 21 years old. She is missed more than any words could capture, the stars shined a whole lot brighter when she passed.

We walk to raise money because we believe a cure is possible, we walk to raise awareness because with awareness comes support, and we walk to keep Nichole's legacy alive. That's what she would want, she was a fighter and this is how we continue her fight.

“My dreams are endless because my dreams can take me anywhere” this is the motto I have always tried to live my life by. I was set apart from everyone else at a young age, and my views of life would be changed forever. I was born with cystic fibrosis, a disease caused by gene mutations affecting the respiratory and digestive system. Although I was different from my peers I decided I wanted to turn what most people would consider a disadvantage into an advantage. If I were going to stand out, it would be for more than a medical ailment. I wanted to grow to be someone people looked up to in admiration; I wanted to be a leader.

One of my first ever-aspiring goals in life was to become a cheerleader. I wanted to be someone who stood out in a crowd and was admired for their effervescent vivacity and optimism. Although I knew cheerleading would be difficult, since physical activity puts strain on your respiratory system, my endeavor was not slowed. I started in ninth grade and was elected captain my sophomore year. Lisbon’s cheerleading program had been previously lacking in many areas for several years and had not been to a competition in four. We had old uniforms that did not match or even fit correctly, and we had to use hallways for practice areas; but regardless my girls and I had pride. We started to fundraise and earned enough money to buy new uniforms. We also started to commute to the town hall so that we could have use of a proper gymnasium. Progress just made us desire success even more ardently. Through the season we improved and desperately wanted to participate in competitions. We finally fundraised enough money to pay the competition fees and diligently practiced day and night. When competition day arrived we turned heads, our performance was almost flawless and our fans were never more glowing. We brought home three trophies that year, but more importantly we set a new precedent for cheerleading at Lisbon Central School, by showing people what can be accomplished through team work and believing in yourself.

That year was one of the most memorable of my life; I had made my dream come true, I was one of the glowing “inspiration leaders” I had always wanted to be. This experience along with others has helped prove that you can do anything you put your mind to. I believed in myself and because of that others believed in me too. It just reveals that every day you live by the standards that other people have set, you are disabling your dreams. I was only supposed to live to age 9; in less than a week I will be 18. Every day of my life I beat the odds, I can do anything my mind can conjure and my heart can hope for. I am a leader and I will be remembered.

In conclusion I believe I am a worthy applicant to Cazenovia College because I have never settled for anything but my personal best. I believe I can do anything and always strive for excellence, and I have no doubt that these work ethics will accompany me through college. I will accomplish great things in college and throughout life and it would be an honor if I could pursue my dreams at Cazenovia. 

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