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36th Annual Minnesota CF Tower Climb & Run

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Goal: $2,500.00

My CF Climb Story

This will be my 8th year participating in the CF Climb in honor of my daughter Olivia. With every step and every dollar I've helped raise, I continue to pray and dream of a better life for her. Every year is monumental with what the CFF is doing in terms of making a cure for cystic fibrosis a reality. Better medications are coming and just a few months ago, Orkambi was released by the CFF, the 2nd drug to treat the underlying cause of CF. These are exciting times for people with cystic fibrosis, times of great hope and looking ahead to the next generation of CFTR modulators that will continue to modify the impact that cf has. I have high hopes for the future of what having cf means and I dream of a day when cf is an insignificant thing for those whom are inflicted with it, one that is managed and knocked out with a single pill.

Unfortunately, that time is not yet here. CF still wreaks major havoc every single day. In May of 2016, we got a raw taste of this when Olivia was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for a week-long stay due to her very first cf exacerbation. To see the drop in her lung function by over 30% and to process the harsh reality of how sick she was despite "looking" and appearing okay, we were forever changed and once again reminded of the severity of this disease. To this day, Olivia still has a very strong fear of getting a cold or any sickness and ending up back in the hospital. 

It is for this reason and the uncertainties of this disease that we continue to fight for a cure for cf and that I ask you to join us again this year in the 2017 CF climb by making a donation in honor of Olivia or climbing with us on Saturday, February 11th, 2017.

Follow Olivia's journey:http://olivias-story.blogspot.com/


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