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          Most people are aware that Clayton lost his life after he was hit on his motorcycle on May 7th of this year. Clay was an amazing human being with a heart of gold. He had chosen to be an organ donor due to the fact that his two younger siblings have Cystic Fibrosis. He was able to save the lives of 7 people due to his selfless act of kindness. Touching the lives of so many in life and after death.

           This is our families 8th year climbing to raise money for a cure. At first I wasn't sure that we could do this event in the wake of the tragedy of losing Clayton. But I came to realize that Clay would want us to do this. So this year we are Climbing for Clayton in the hopes that a cure will soon be find. We are honoring him with every step we take. 

       This event is on September 22nd. Will you join me to the top? I'm participating in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s CF Climb event and invite you to join me! Registering online is easy and fast! Just click the "Register" button on this page to begin the registration process. You can build your own home page and start collecting donations from your friends and family. If you decide that climbing is for you then you can just click "Donate" to donate money to this cause. Every penny counts and we are so thankful for every little bit. Will you please consider making a donation to support our efforts? Your charitable contribution is 100 percent tax-deductible. I promise you that your donation will not go to waste. When you make a donation to the CF Foundation, you are helping to ensure that children with CF will live longer and more productive lives. Perhaps the best evidence that many people with cystic fibrosis are living longer is the fact that more than 45 percent of the CF patient population is now 18 or older.      

      Recently developed therapies and specialized care have enabled people with CF to gain greater control over their disease. So, children and adults are not only living longer, but also living with a better quality of life. I am confident that, with your help, there will be a cure soon. Many scientists believe that this may be a disease that we can see a cure for in our lifetime. Thank you for helping this dream to come true. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a devastating genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. More than ten million Americans are symptomless carriers of the defective CF gene. Advances continue to be made in finding a cure, but your help is needed now -- more than ever -- to help keep up the momentum of this life-saving research. To learn more about CF and the CF Foundation, visit www.cff.org

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