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Denver CF Climb 2018

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Raised: $5,215.00

Goal: $20,000.00

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  • Kennedy with twin brothers
  • Doing lung function test


Hello Friends & Family, thank you for making last year such a great event and success. It meant alot to Kennedy to have everyone of your and her friends there. 

How many Saturdays this summer can you get some exercise inside the Broncos Home stadium AND HELP FIND A CURE FOR A LIFE THREATENING AND SHORTENING DISEASE (CYSTIC FIBROSIS which affects our daughter KENNEDY?  Please join us again on July 22nd. Our goal is to see if we can match the $50,000 that we raised last year. Please tell your friends and families to join us or to help support us financially. Everyone and every little bit helps. Thank you, Thank you , thank you ---Patrick and Nicole


About Cystic Fibrosis, it is a genetic disease that causes mucus to be thicker than normal and and affects the lungs, disgestive system, pancreas and even the liver.  This thicker mucus caused the lungs to be prone to crhonic infection, eventually causing the loss of lung function and leading to lung transplants. The mucus blocks the delivery of digestive enzymes from pancreas to the intestines, which causes malabsorption and malnutrition.  Those with CF also can develop CF related diabetes or liver disease.  The average life expectancy 30 years ago was 12 years old, but with all the therapies and medications developed it has been extended to 40 years old.  Kennedy spends 30 minutes every morning and night doing inhaled lung therapies with vibrating vest to loosen her lung mucus. She also takes over 32 pills every day which includes digestive enzymes every time she eats, and liver medication to treat her CF related liver disease.  All of these things are helping keep Kennedy healthy, but even with all of this, she will gradually losing lung function. That is why we NEED to find a cure for CF!


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