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My CF Climb Story

Dear friends and family,

I hope this finds you all well. Looking back on this past year I am shocked that we are nearly halfway through July. Each week, Kristen and I look at the calendar and feel grateful for how much we have going on while simultaneously wishing we could just disappear for a week - not a bad problem to have. Right around the corner next month is our three year wedding anniversary which we both can’t believe but are looking forward to celebrating. Our big home renovation project seems to be the only thing that’s moving at a snail’s pace - perhaps a way to balance the scales. We are now hoping to start next spring due to a number of delays but we still are enthusiastic about the possibilities.

You might have noticed that this letter is coming to you quite a bit later than usual and that’s definitely true. Unfortunately, the past month has been quite difficult for Kristen, me, and our dog Diego due to the very sudden loss of our beloved Lola to cancer. She became sick incredibly fast and within days we found ourselves devastated and searching for answers. Since her passing we have decided to get a new companion for Diego and a new member of the family which has been a positive step and we are excited for Willa to get used to her new place in the Winkler family.

In CF related news the past year has been largely very good for me. I’ve not had any exacerbation of my health and have been feeling well. This can partly be attributed to a new drug I’ve started this year called Symdeko. This drug is in the family of exciting new drug developments that the CF foundation has been funding research around for the past decade. If you’re familiar with some of this evolution, Symdeko is essentially an evolved version for my genotype of CF (the most common and largest population) of the initial drug that was in the headlines years ago called Kalydeko. I have been involved in the clinical trial work for these drugs in the past and feel fortunate to be on the cutting edge of the search for a cure for CF. If you’d like to read more about this research that your donations support and new drugs in the pipeline you can here : https://www.cff.org/Life-With-CF/Treatments-and-Therapies/Medications/CFTR-Modulator-Therapies/

Which brings me to my annual request for support. This will be the 3rd year hoofing it up all the stairs in the lower bowl of the Denver Broncos Mile Hi Stadium and I’m looking forward to beating my last two times. It’s always exhausting but a supportive and fun day for all involved.

The event is on July 21st (9 days away!) - when I said I was late this year I meant it!

If you are able to, please contribute whatever you can to continue the incredible momentum that the CF Foundation has pioneering breakthroughs in the treatment and the eventual cure of this disease, which now more than ever seems to be on the horizon. As many of you know, over 90% of dollars raised through events like these goes directly towards the research that I am benefiting from every single day. Your donations make a profound difference in my everyday life.

Please do support me in this year’s fundraising effort either by making a donation online or by sending your check, by next week (!), payable to the CF Foundation Denver Stair Climb, to

Max Winkler

123 Inca Street

Denver, CO 80223

All donations are 100% tax deductible and any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

With deepest gratitude and love from Kristen and myself and all our family,




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