Learn about the CF Climb App!

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has created short videos that provide a walkthrough of the new mobile app! You can learn how to download and set up the app, recruit team members, send out donation solicitations, thank your donors, and more. Please reach out to your local chapter if you have questions or concerns.

CF Climb App Videos (These videos reference our CF Xtreme Hike app, please refer to these videos navigating your CF Climb App!):

Learn how to download the app and login This video will walk you through how to download the app on your IPhone or Android device and login with your existing username and password!


Review an overview of the app- This 5 minute clip will bring you through a summary of the app!


Learn how to toggle between multiple eventsThis video will teach you how to access multiple events if you are registered for more than one CF Climb event!


Learn how to recruiting team members Review the easy ways you can reach out to your connections in order to recruit team members for your climb team!


Thank your Donors Watch how you can thank your donors once you receive a donation from them!


Make a Self-Donation – Learn how to make a self-donation to your own campaign to kick off your fundraising!


Editing Personal Page See how you can easily personalize your fundraising page while on the go!